After searching for the perfect pied-a-terre in Jerusalem a great opportunity presented itself when a garden apartment was available in the same building as the apartment above it. Loving the area and the building, there was no doubt in the client’s mind that connecting the two would create the precise ‘home away from home’ for the long visits that he envisaged for his extended family and friends.

Thus, a total gut renovation took place which resulted in the remarkable transformation of two very average apartments into one stunning duplex- a total of 300 sq meters on two floors comprising a living and dining area, kitchen, family room, four bedrooms, guest room and a study..

The outcome is an elegant and spacious living and dining area in clean architectural lines and in a contemporary design featuring state of the art materials such as wood, marble and leather. We went with a palette of greige, and brown with accents in blue.

Photography : Oded Smadar