A three-bedroom apartment commissioned for family visits in Israel. 

An extremely detailed brief was provided by the client who wished to maximize space. 

The chosen color palette was a monochromatic warm grey.  

Stunning accesories with splashes of yellow were added to provide color and life.

The hallway was smartly concealed by a modern grid- paneled wall unit in metallic greige with long vertical 

brass grooves that serve as handles. 

A honed Calacatta Honeymoon marble slab sits upon a sleek brass base and creates an elegant dining 


The kitchen is fully equipped with the tools of the trade. 

The den serves as a study and also accommodates sleeping guests with its comfortable sofa bed. 

A sliding panel smartly obscures the TV screen so that the room, with its soothing color effects, 

creates an inviting and warm environment.

Photography: Gilad Radat