Coveted And Luxurious Closets – More Than Just Storage Space

The space here is not that large, therefore Annette Frommer used mirrors that are extremely functional when you want to look at yourself from all angles, and also when you want to create the sense of a large and grand space.

Designing a Small Apartment – Annette Frommer Shares Her Tips and Tricks

Just because your apartment is not huge, does not mean that it has to feel confined, or not to look chic and stylish. According to interior designer Annette Frommer, “there are many ways to make a small space feel spacious and beautiful too. With the appropriate décor you can maximize the space you have and create a gorgeous home for everyday life and entertainment as well

Annette Frommer Interior Design Announces The Launch of a New Website

Annette’s extensive knowledge and expertise provide an unparalleled level of professional service. It is the studio’s goal to provide insightful, state-of-the-art high-end design solutions for home design all around the globe.
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These days, when we hear the word ‘green’, we immediately associate it with sustainability and environmentalism. However ‘green’ is also a color, as we all know, and like all colors, green carries many connotations with it.
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Annette Frommer at DERING HALL.

Annette Frommer Interior Design is an Israeli based firm serving an international client base. Founded by Annette Frommer the studio began with the undertaking to consistently strive to bring beauty, harmony and a sophisticated design aesthetic.
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Annette Frommer Interior Design has been Shortlisted for a Bathroom Award.

design et al are delighted to announce that Annette Frommer Interior Design have won the Bathroom Award in The International Design And Architecture Awards 2016
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HeziBank TV

Interview for HeziBank TV.
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We have been featured in one of the latest editorial pieces on Elle Decor.
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Annette Frommer on GRIDI

Inspire and desire
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An article about Annette.
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UK Luxury Jewish Magazine/Luxury Lifestyle.

With an impressive track record of over twenty-eight years, Belgian-born, Jerusalem based interior designer, Annette Frommer creates some of the most spectacular living spaces in Jerusalem for the high-end observant Jewish market
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Annette Frommer Interior Design Has Been Chosen By JERUSALEM SPIRIT To Plan and Design All Public Spaces Of The Project

Annette Frommer Interior Design is a studio with a goal to provide insightful, state-of-the-art high-end design solutions for home design all around the globe.
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How to choose the the right interior designer for your home

Your home is your haven, it is the place that you come back to at the end of a long day.
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SBID | The Society of British & International Interior Design

Annette Frommer Interior Design has been shortlisted for a Residential £1 Million Award.
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How to Choose Curtains that Match your Living Room

Curtains and/or drapes are generally the final element added to the living room décor!
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Important Issues to Take into Account When re-designing Your Kitchen

Most people you talk to today will agree that kitchens are the soul of their home.
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Annette’s Official Medium Channel

Interior Design Luxury Projects – Annette Frommer
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How to Complement Your Interior Design with Indoor Plants

Interiors without some green are not only boring but bland and somehow lifeless.
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Thoughts by International Interior Designer Annette Frommer on redesigning your home before sellin

can honestly say that homes that have been refurbished and updated will probably sell a lot faster than a home that needs a lot of work done.
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Annette Frommer’s Important Do’s And Don’t’s When Redesigning Your Home

Redesigning your home can be so exciting; through it really is a large project to undertake.
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Designing the Bathroom You’ve Always Dreamed Of

Interior Designer Annette Frommer’s Top Tips