State-of-the-art wine cellar

When you hear the word ‘Jerusalem’ you don’t often associate the city with fashion or high-end interior design…..  so breaking news!  Now is the time to revisit thoughts and associations when you hear or read about the sacred city of ‘Jerusalem’.  For many years now owning an apartment in Jerusalem has become a symbol of […]


Using scatter pillows may seem like a triviality in interior design when decorating a home, but in reality, today, decorative cushions have become the IT accessory!  Using decorative cushions is one of the best ways to enhance space and provide it with ambiance and style; they add immediate personality and can change the look of […]


METHODS OF CONCEALMENT THAT ARE CLEVER AND ELEGANT “AWKWARD GIVENS CAN LEAD TO GREAT SOLUTIONS THAT ENHANCE DÉCOR”. Many projects come with different challenges. Here are three projects where different methods of concealment were used to handle ‘givens’ that were less than perfect.   Reflective Mirrors In this project, the master bedroom emerged straight into […]

SBID International Design Awards 2020

ANNETTE FROMMER INTERIOR DESIGN shortlisted for the SBID International Design Awards 2020 I am excited and proud to be among the impressive global design talent that is a finalist in the SBID International Design Awards 2020, for our entry in the Residential Apartment Over £1M category. Consistent in its quest to recognise, reward and celebrate global […]

Leading Interior Designer in Israel

There are many exceptional interior designers in Israel, but if you are really looking for a  leading interior designer in Israel then you have to meet Annette Frommer. When you first meet Annette, you are immediately struck by her sense of style. After spending time with her you realize that she is always in control, […]

Prestigious, Elegant and Warm | The House in Jerusalem

A dark mirrored-clad  wall cabinet,  a linear marble fireplace wall,  open niches and storage cabinets that camouflage triangular walls and angles – these are just some of the amazing carpentry details manufactured by Bonsai for a house in Jerusalem exquisitely designed by Annette Frommer with warmth, style and elegance.  Frommer has always recognized the importance […]

Luxury Homes in Israel Designed by Annette Frommer

There are so many beautiful places to choose from when searching for luxury homes in Israel and so many ideas abound when envisioning the perfect beautiful home in Israel. When looking to fulfill your desire for a luxury home in Israel, whether in the hustle and bustle of Tel Aviv, by the beach overlooking the […]