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annette frommer


Using scatter pillows may seem like a triviality in interior design when decorating a home, but in reality, today, decorative cushions have become the IT accessory!  Using decorative cushions is one of the best ways to enhance space and provide it with ambiance and style; they add immediate personality and can change the look of a room in a quick and easy manner. Decorative cushions are relatively inexpensive and the choice is endless. Your room can be totally transformed depending on the colors, hues, textures, shapes, and sizes of the pillows you choose. You can make a room feel light, bright, and summery, and then during winter, by changing the pillows, you can make the room feel cozy and warm. So don’t be afraid to experiment. Dare and let your imagination and sense of adventure guide you in choosing pillows for any room. Remember that without actually redecorating you can change the character of your room by only changing the pillows.    Here are some examples of different ways of arranging scatter pillows to add grace, style and personality to any room.

Similar/matching colors

In this instance, the nude pink ottoman and back wall are the dominating colors of the living room. To match these, I used pink throw pillows that pick up on the tufted ottoman together with gold accented and wide-stripe cushions that enhance the golden fabric of the sofa. The overall look is cohesive and harmonious. The colors blend in a seemingly effortless manner.  

Symmetry or Asymmetry

Once you have chosen the right pillows, it is also important to invest time thinking about the best way in which to display them, to get the most from their décor potential.  If you prefer asymmetry, you can randomly arrange the pillows. However, another great option is to arrange the pillows in a symmetrical way which is especially suited for bedding. You can layer up the pillows as I did here: one large pillow almost the width of the headboard, 2 ‘sleep’ pillows, one bolster pillow and 2 smaller scatter pillows.

Though these pillows are varied in color and size, they somehow all take center stage. Note that solid pillows in shades of steel gray/blue are great for understated elegance.

Mix and Match

By mixing and matching styles and prints, you will provide interest and charm. This vignette is the perfect example of decorating with throw pillows of different styles and colors.  We have the graphic blue/white pillows in the very same print fabric as the sofa.  In total contrast to the blue, I added mustard yellow pillows with frills that add pop and match the ottoman. Finally, the white faux fur pillows stand out and add some contemporary fun. The result: overall harmony that is not matchy-matchy.

So however you prefer to call them whether scatter pillows or cushions, they are soft, cozy and beautiful and should never be underestimated. They come in a plethora of colors, patterns, shapes, and textures so whatever you choose, you really can’t go wrong – these decorative pillows can make all  the difference. Not only will they add style, but they will also offer an elegant well-groomed feel to the space and don’t  forget – the next time that you curl up in your bed or on your sofa ready to read a good book or watch your favorite movie,  you will feel a lot more comfortable and at ease! Following are some more pillow combos from various projects.

Mix of scatter pillows in different colors, shapes and fabrics. They offer a more casual feel and look as though they were nonchalantly thrown on the couch. The soft pink pillows are tufted with piping all around, the darker pink pillows have faux fur fringes, while the blue pillows have been made with a delicate print fabric. All together we have a cohesion that pulls it all together.

Colorful print cushions that provide pop to the round armchair and enhance the burgundy carpet

Cushions in shades of blue both in print and abstract sky colors to complement the blue sofa, for that blue Mediterranean feel

Oversized rectangular pillow (almost as wide as the headboard) with a pink cushion that picks up on the bedspread pink for tranquility and a good night’s sleep.

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