annette frommer

annette frommer

Prestigious, Elegant and Warm | The House in Jerusalem

A dark mirrored-clad  wall cabinet,  a linear marble fireplace wall,  open niches and storage cabinets that camouflage triangular walls and angles – these are just some of the amazing carpentry details manufactured by Bonsai for a house in Jerusalem exquisitely designed by Annette Frommer with warmth, style and elegance. 

Frommer has always recognized the importance of quality bespoke carpentry;  

as we all know carving furniture has existed since the Stone Age. Yet for Frommer carpentry is an art form and today with modern tools and advanced technology original, striking and ingenious functional carpentry can be designed and manufactured brightening the mood of every room, every time that it is entered.

Following are the carpentry details of this luxury home in Jerusalem.

A large wall unit clad in dark mirrors reigns behind the dining table. The design of the mirror reflects the motive of the wall clad paneling in the rest of the apartment. The hand-washing station is discreetly hidden within the unit, thereby producing a clean, elegant look that surrounds the leather clad dining table.   

Wall unit clad in dark mirror graces the dining room

An integrated marble hand-washing unit

Dark mirror cladding 

The central wall of the living room combines wooden cladding in a solid-paint  finish with a subtle repetitive motive (cut like the mirror), a fireplace wall in marble, storage spaces with touch-open cabinets and open niches that also include marble. The wall cladding continues to wrap the entrance walls as well as the walls on both sides of the stairs.  

 Modern fireplace integrated within a marble wall 

The wall cladding begins in the living room and wraps around the entrance walls

Wall paneling usingCNC cutting technique integrates the bathroom door thus hiding it from being obvious  

The storage units at the entrance (right) and the wall paneling(left) ‘square off’what were angular triangular walls

View from above of the entrance and living area.  It is possible to see the structure of the walls, and the carpentry details of the façade

A book case unit was built for the den combining open shelves. The wall facing the book case includes concealed storage units.  

A library and a wall cabinet – also here the wall units were used to ‘square off’ the triangular room

Corridor: Wallpaneling combining an entrance door into the study

Family room 

A book case unit was built for the family room combining open shelves. The  television is integrated within this unit.  Across from it niches and an open coffee corner are integrated within wall cabinets.

Integrated TV unit, niches and an open coffee corner 

A large, modern-style wall unit graces the master bedroom.  The facades are finished off in a satin-finish paint. Two vanities with elegant curved corners   were built for the bathroom in a walnut finish whereas the surface and the sinks are in Corian.  

Curved cabinets 

To summarize, you cannot ignore the uniqueness of bespoke carpentry and joinery.  Everyone has different tastes and bespoke furniture is an excellent way to showcase this taste in pieces that exactly match what you desired and needed.

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