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When you hear the word ‘Jerusalem’ you don’t often associate the city with fashion or high-end interior design…..  so breaking news!  Now is the time to revisit thoughts and associations when you hear or read about the sacred city of ‘Jerusalem’. 

For many years now owning an apartment in Jerusalem has become a symbol of status carrying with it the significance of Jewish values. Prestigious projects have been built throughout the city and as a result luxurious and high-end interior design has been slowly emerging, developing, and evolving in Jerusalem. I call it Jerusalem interior design – it is diverse, comprised of many styles, yet always meticulous and done with flair.

Today locals and clients from abroad can find homes that are carefully planned and designed to the highest standards. Here are a few examples of authentic, stylish Jerusalem interior design, comparable to interior design in some of the most fashionable cities in the world.

Remarkable Historic Landmark House

Regal and elegant dining room for perfect entertainment

An entrance and hallway to take you places

A remarkable historic landmark house with a huge garden built-in the 1930’s. I was careful to maintain the character of the rooms. The only addition permitted was a sunroom. It is designed in a minimalistic style and exudes elegance and sophistication, providing contrast to the century-old abode. The house includes vast rooms for entertainment and many captivating bedroom suites. High-end materials such as onyx, Statuario marble, brass, and glass were used to provide a lavish and opulent feel.

Photography : Elad Gonen

Traditional Landmark Apartment

Arches that are classic and traditional

High ceilings for traditional decor

Located adjacent to Hillel St. one of Jerusalem’s central streets this apartment was once a one-storied building upon which more floors and apartments were built. The apartment enjoys high ceilings that perfectly fit the client’s requested traditional décor.  The niches build within the classic stone wall, the arched glass display cabinets, and the arched wooden bookcase amplifies the space and add architectural dimension to the space. The cool color palette of grey and light blue is calming and soothing while the garden, with beautiful cast stone and concrete planters and a  luscious assortment of green plants,  adds the perfect final touch.

Jerusalem Garden Apartment

Elegant, calm, and relaxing living space          The perfect study to get things done                                                                                  

A great opportunity presented itself when a garden apartment was available in the same building as the apartment above it. Loving the area and the building, the client decided that connecting the two would create the precise ‘home away from home’ he was looking for when visiting Israel with extended family and friends.

Thus, a total gut renovation took place which resulted in the remarkable transformation of two very average apartments into one stunning duplex- a total of 300 sq meters on two floors comprising a living and dining area, kitchen, family room, four bedrooms, guest room, and a study.

Twelve months later the outcome is apparent: an elegant and spacious living and dining area in clean architectural lines with a contemporary design featuring state of the art materials such as wood, marble, and leather. We went with a palette of greige, and brown with accents in blue.

Basement turned Billiard Room

Exceptional high quality woodwork for this breathtaking lounge

State-of-the-art wine cellar

We were commissioned to review plans and bring a halted project to completion. A dreary and windowless basement was transformed into a prominent drawing room/lounge, where a gentleman can invite his friends for drinks, cigars, and good game of billiard. 

The final result includes an elegant billiard room, an inviting lounge, and a bar area complemented by an adjoining decorative wrought iron cellar door that leads to a state-of-the-art wine cellar with walls covered in authentic old bricks, and floors with reclaimed ancient stones.   Attention to detail is exemplified by finely crafted Italian woodwork including wooden posts with carvings.

Photography: Gilad Radat 

Jerusalem Penthouse

Sophisticated elegance that is traditional in design

Sophisticated elegance that is traditional in design

This penthouse was to serve as a pied-a-terre, a vacation home for friends and extended family during holidays in Israel. The client was searching for comfortable luxury that was traditional in design (specifically not modern), with high-quality items and materials and with an unassuming, subtle elegance. It was emphasized that the family entertained a great deal and to a significant number of guests so it was paramount that the kitchen, dining room, and balcony be planned in such a way to accommodate extremely sizeable gatherings.

As you can see prestigious living in Jerusalem goes hand in hand with Jerusalem’s interior design.

Jerusalem interior design focuses on a refined and creative design with attention to the smallest of details. So whether modern, traditional, or contemporary client satisfaction has enabled the real estate industry to flourish in this mesmerizing city where Jerusalem interior design has become a buzz word inspiring interest and investment from an international clientele.

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