annette frommer

annette frommer

Leading Interior Designer in Israel

There are many exceptional interior designers in Israel, but if you are really looking for a  leading interior designer in Israel then you have to meet Annette Frommer.

When you first meet Annette, you are immediately struck by her sense of style. After spending time with her you realize that she is always in control, always prepared and although slightly shy, she has a twinkle in her eye and a passion for life.  

She was born in Belgium, travels extensively on a regular basis, yet resides in Israel where she feels her true essence is happiest, having arrived there in her teens. Marriage and being a mother to five children although satisfying was hectic and frenzied so in 1992 she decided it was time to fulfill herself not only as a mother, but also professionally. Having studied interior design, she established the The Annette Frommer Design Studio, where from its very inception the studio’s goal has been to become a principal player in the field of interior design in Israel  striving to bring creativity, beauty, harmony and a sophisticated design aesthetic to all clients. Frommer  is fluent in 6 languages which perfectly serves her international client base.

The word disarray will never find its way into the design of an Annette Frommer space. An Annette Frommer interior is all about classic and timeless luxury, that is highly functional and strongly reflective of the client’s requirements and aesthetic sensibilities. She believes that, elegance comes in a variety of designs and characteristics, achieved with good taste and sensitivity, and that the client’s personality and lifestyle should always shine through It  is this philosophy that has made Frommer a leading interior designer in Israel.

The sophisticated interiors that Annette creates make grand statements, yet they are not only about ultra-expensive furniture and pieces of art, but about quality and balance. Having raised a large family, which by definition means having a somewhat hectic life, Annette understands that most homes not only exist for display, and though they exude beauty, they should be welcoming.  Daily life consists of running a race on a road full of twists and turns, where there is noise all around, including in our heads. Annette wishes to provide with her designs, a safe haven –  an escape from the chaos of daily living, a space aesthetic “that does not feel contrived or artificial. I want my clients to enjoy sumptuous and comfortable living that feels natural, genuine and effortless.”

What epitomizes Frommer’s work is the fact that she can take any design type to meet the client’s request.

 In every project she reinvents herself, but what remains constant is her love for fabrics and textiles whether linen, cotton, silk, wool, velvet, chiffon or lace; whether using them for upholstery, carpets, throw cushions or curtains. She believes that the particular characteristics of each fabric contributes character and enhances the beauty of  any space within the home. 

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Beautiful upholstered armchairs for a plush and rich feel    

The fabrics in the bedspread, headboard, carpet and curtains for an ornate and lush sense of space

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Throw pillows for style      


    Interesting and colorful accents add to the character of a space 

She is also a big believer in the power of warm metals including brass, gold and copper, way before these   became fashionable. These metals used to  signify conspicuous consumption and showiness. Today, they feel traditional, nostalgic, and homey too, and are versatile to accessorize with.

Brass details on wood with complementary accessories

Stunning table with brass details accessorized with golden/brasscandle holders

Mirrors reflect the existing light and add even more light to a space. Mirrors also reflect the room opposite the mirror so that if a mirror faces an open space, it will help to make the room appear more open and, therefore, larger. If the desire is to maximize the amount of light reflected from a mirror, it should be placed opposite or near a window where it can reflect natural light. A mirror can also be placed near a piece of art or opposite a colorful wall if the goal is to enhance the color in a space.

No matter the style and budget Frommer is always attentive to her client – even if his requests are not always reasonable. Her attitude is – “we’ll make it wotk” – she will find the way to realize it in the best possible way. 

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Mirrors and marble provide polish and refinement 

C:\Users\user\Desktop\_MG_3060 copy.jpg

Brass and mirror for a  sharp clean look


Mirrored panels enlarge the space 

Life and living inspire Annette. She loves to read and her considerable travels enable her to experience everything that comes her way. She believes that life is learning and as she says “ideas just somehow pop into my head”. She dislikes mass produced and predictable items. She finds them boring. She adores the element of surprise and loves to think and create outside the box. Having said that, Annette will admit that some challenges, and she seeks and embraces these, come with major aggravation. Fine chocolate and a strong espresso aid the creative process which she vehemently adores. 


AWARD for bathroom design in 2016.  (Clad with Statuario marble slabs for elegance the space was completed in traditional style chrome fittings. The same stone is again used for the mouldings of the bath, the frames of the shower doors and the windows to create a calming consistency to the overall scheme.)


Stunning Statuario marble slabs, same stone bath moulding and chrome fittings 
for elegance and sophistication


She partakes and is an active sought-after  panel participant at the prestigious NADLAND CITY conference, Israel’s yearly  Real Estate & Business Conference that takes place in Eilat as well as the INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF ARCHITECTS AND DESIGNERS. Frommer’s designs have been published in many local and international publications such as : Dering Hall, Solomon Mines, ELLE DÉCOR, the Jerusalem POST and more. 

Currently, the studio is working on various  projects in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Because of all of this and much more Frommer  leads in interior design in Israel. The studio manages and coordinates all technical and logistical aspects of each project in order to minimize client involvement and save time, providing design excellence to each project and delivering exceptional and personal interiors to all clients.

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