Designing a Small Apartment – Annette Frommer Shares Her Tips and Tricks

Just because your apartment is not huge, does not mean that it has to feel confined, or not to look chic and stylish. According to interior designer Annette Frommer, “there are many ways to make a small space feel spacious and beautiful too. With the appropriate décor you can maximize the space you have and create a gorgeous home for everyday life and entertainment as well


These days, when we hear the word ‘green’, we immediately associate it with sustainability and environmentalism. However ‘green’ is also a color, as we all know, and like all colors, green carries many connotations with it.

Leading Interior Designer in Israel

There are many exceptional interior designers in Israel, but if you are really looking for a leading interior designer in Israel then you have to meet Annette Frommer.

Prestigious, Elegant and Warm | The House in Jerusalem

A dark mirrored-clad  wall cabinet,  a linear marble fireplace wall,  open niches and storage cabinets that camouflage triangular walls and angles – these are just some of the amazing carpentry details manufactured by Bonsai for a house in Jerusalem exquisitely designed by Annette Frommer with warmth, style and elegance.